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Anglia Metal manufacture plain and tinned (tin plated) copper wire within market sectors such as Automotive, Data, Power, Specialised Cables and other applications using copper wire.

Come and visit us at the Dusseldorf Wire Exhibition next year!

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Our website shows the range of wires and sizes manufactured at our Plant in Normanton, West Yorkshire. Our company brochure is available for download.

Supply Chain Focus

Copper is in most cases the first element our Customers need for their production process. We fully appreciate the importance of this and focus our efforts accordingly. Using forecasting systems we ensure raw materials arrive on time. Our Suppliers receive this forecast and in turn plan their production around this information...


Being the only dedicated Copper wire manufacturer in the UK and Ireland we have a responsibility to our Customer base. We have come a long way in optimising batch sizes and stock levels and we have found that this is key to providing short delivery lead times...


Our Customers pay our wages. Everyone at Anglia Metal is aware of this fact and we give our best to achieve Customer satisfaction. Our production team operate on a 24 hour, 5 day schedule and sales office staff are available during the normal working hours of 8:30 am – 5:00 pm...


We supply products into markets demanding very high quality, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Solar and Data cable applications. The quality requirements of these markets are ever increasing and we follow this trend by continuously developing our systems and improving our processes...



Single End Wire

Single End WireSingle-end, plain or tinned copper wire, from a diameter of 0.100 mm up to a maximum of 3.5 mm on various spool sizes; DIN 160, DIN 240, DIN 250, DIN 400, DIN 450, DIN 560, DIN 630 and DIN 800 steel or plastic. Larger sizes are also available on Spool-less Packs, metal baskets (Stators) or cardboard Octabins.


Bunched Wires

bunched-wireClass 2 stranded and Class 5 bunched conductors available in either plain or tinned copper, with various custom made constructions meeting a range of different requirements in terms of flexibility, concentricity, lay length and resistance.


Multi End Wire

Multi End WireMulti-end plain or tinned copper wire available from 2 ends up to a maximum of 16 ends, dynamically wound on various spool sizes, DIN 400, DIN 450, DIN 560 and DIN 630 in steel or plastic.



Braiding Bobbins

braiding-bobbinsMulti-end wire rewound onto bobbins for use in braiding machines. Bobbin sizes/types are available which fit the majority of braiding machines commonly used in the cable industry. Recently installed equipment and effective processing systems allow the supply of a wide range of combinations with short lead times.


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